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While we attempt to keep outside links current, some locations may have been moved or replaced. Please
refer to the original source. Be sure to check the News Archives for articles dating back to 1999.

Want to restrict your prescribing data? Go to: AMA's Prescription Data Information Center.

  • 4/28/09 Institute of Medicine Report on Conflict of Interest in Medical Research, Education, and Practice
  • 4/01/09 Professional Medical Associations and Their Relationships With Industry. JAMA
  • 3/20/09 Conflicts over Conflicts of Interest. JAMA
  • 3/02/09 Harvard Medical School in Ethics Quandary. NY Times
  • 1/08/09 The Neurontin Legacy — Marketing through Misinformation and Manipulation. NEJM
  • 12/31/08 No Mug? Drug Makers Cut Out Goodies for Doctors. NY Times (Click here for PhRMA Code)
  • 9/08 The Impact of Drug Samples on Prescribing to the Uninsured. SMJ
  • 9/03/08 New Developments in Managing Physician-Industry Relationships. JAMA
  • 7/10/08 PhRMA Revised Code on Marketing to Healthcare Professionals
  • 6/25/08 Everyone's a Little Bit Biased (Even Physicians). JAMA
  • 6/3/08 Survey of Medical Schools Is Critical of Perks. NY Times (click here for AMSA scorecard)
  • 4/28/08 Group Urges Ban on Medical Giveaways. NY Times. (Click here for full AAMC Report)
  • 4/16/08 Guest Authorship and Ghostwriting in Publications Related to Rofecoxib. JAMA
  • 4/08 Characteristics of Patients Receiving Pharmaceutical Samples and Association Between Sample Receipt and Out-of-Pocket Prescription Costs. Medical Care
  • 2/08 Characteristics of Recipients of Free Prescription Drug Samples: A Nationally Representative Analysis. AJPH
  • 2/08 Soft Targets: Nurses and the Pharmaceutical Industry. PLoS Medicine
  • 2/13/08 Responses of Medical Schools to Institutional Conflicts of Interest
  • 1/17/08 Selective Publication of Antidepressant Trials and Its Influence on Apparent Efficacy. NEJM
  • 1/02/08 The Cost of Pushing Pills: A New Estimate of Pharmaceutical Promotional Expenditures in the United States. PLoS Medicine
  • 11/01/07 Doctors and Drug Companies — Scrutinizing Influential Relationships. NEJM
  • 10/17/07 Institutional Academic–Industry Relationships. JAMA
  • 8/16/07 A decade of direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs. NEJM
  • 7/01/07 The High Cost of Free Lunch. Obstet Gynecol
  • 6/28/07 Senators to Push for Registry of Drug Makers’ Gifts to Doctors. NY Times
  • 6/27/07 Psychiatrists Top List in Drug Maker Gifts. NY Times
  • 6/07 Physicians’ intent to comply with the American Medical Association’s guidelines on gifts from the pharmaceutical industry. J Med Ethics
  • 4/26/07 A National Survey of Physician–Industry Relationships. NEJM

  • 4/07 Characteristics and Impact of Drug Detailing for Gabapentin. PLoS Medicine

  • 4/07 Following the Script: How Drug Reps Make Friends and Influence Doctors. PLoS Medicine

  • 2/07 Introduction to Pharmaceuticology. sBMJ

  • 1/20/07 What have we learnt from Vioxx? BMJ

  • 1/17/07 Physicians and Drug Representatives: Exploring the Dynamics of the Relationship. J Gen Int Med


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