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Become No Free Lunch Certified!

Join the growing number of health care professionals from around the globe who have made a comitment to evidence-based practice by pledging to accept no gifts from industry and to rely on non-promotional sources of prescribing information.

The pledge is as follows:


"I, __________________, am committed to practicing medicine in the best interest of my patients and on the basis of the best available evidence, rather than on the basis of advertising or promotion.   

I therefore pledge to accept no money, gifts, or hospitality from the pharmaceutical industry; to seek unbiased sources of information and not rely on information disseminated by drug companies; and to avoid conflicts of interest in my practice, teaching, and/or research."


Health care professionals who take the pledge will be included in the No Free Lunch Directory, which is searchable by specialty, city, state, and ZIP code. E-mail addresses or phone numbers will not appear on the website.

To take the pledge, copy and paste it, with your name inserted, and e-mail it to:

Please include your specialty area and practice address.

Thank you. We look forward to your pledge!