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While we attempt to keep links to outsides sources current, some locations may have been moved or replaced.  Please refer to the original source.


12/19/06 Disparity Emerges in Lilly Data on Schizophrenia Drug. NY Times
12/18/06 Drug Files Show Maker Promoted Unapproved Use. NY Times
12/17/06 Eli Lilly Said to Play Down Risk of Top Pill. NY Times
7/28/06 Drug Makers Pay For Lunch as they Pitch. NY Times
10/06 Interactions of doctors with the pharmaceutical industry. J Med Ethics
9/12/06 Stanford Bans taking freebies from drug companies. LA Times (Click here for Stanford Policy Web site)
8/15/06 The Promotion of Gabapentin: An Analysis of Internal Industry Documents. Ann Int Med
7/06 Residents' Perceptions Over Time of Pharmaceutical Industry Interactions and Gifts and the Effect of an Educational Intervention.
6/06 Advertising in Medical Journals: Should Current Practices Change? PLoS Medicine
6/17/06 Commercial influence and the content of medical journals. BMJ
6/06 Complicity theory: an explanation for the `coxib problem'? JRSM
5/28/06 Donations tie drug firms and nonprofits. Phil Inquirer
5/20/06 Unease on industry's role in hypertension debate. NY Times
5/17/06 Reported Outcomes in Major Cardiovascular Clinical Trials Funded by For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Organizations: 2000-2005. JAMA
4/26/06 Financial conflict of interest disclosure and voting patterns at Food and Drug Administration Drug Advisory Committee meetings. JAMA
4/06 Disease Mongering. PLoS Medicine
4/06 The Drug Pushers. The Atlantic Monthly
3/27/06 ACP Says Yes to No Free Lunch
3/06 What Are the Public Health Effects of Direct-to-Consumer Drug Advertising? PLoS Medicine
2/06 Guidelines for interactions between clinical faculty and the pharmaceutical industry: one medical school's approach. Academic Medicine (Yale Guidelines)
1/25/06 Health Industry Practices That Create Conflicts of Interest: A Policy Proposal for Academic Medical Centers. JAMA


12/05 Violations of exhibiting and FDA rules at an American Psychiatric Association annual meeting. J Pub Health Policy
11/14/05 Fighting Freebies (TIME)
9/7/05 Medical students' exposure to and attitudes about drug company interactions: a national survey. JAMA
8/05 Do drug samples influence resident prescribing behavior? A randomized trial. (Am J Med)
8/05 Interactions Between Pharmaceutical Representatives and Doctors in Training: A Thematic Review. J Gen Int Med
7/24/05 These Gifts are Bad for Our Health. Washington Post
6/05 The Corporate Coauthor. J Gen Int Med
6/05 The role of the pharmaceutical industry in teaching psychopharmacology: a growing problem. Academic Psychiatry
6/16/05 Pill Poppers: Doctors “just say no” to drug company hype and freebies. Salt Lake City Weekly
6/05 Psychiatric Training Program Engagement With the Pharmaceutical Industry: An Educational Issue, Not Strictly an Ethical One. Academic Psychiatry
5/10/05 Vermont Attorney General Pharmaceutical Gift Report
5/5/05 Merck Documents Show Aggressive Marketing of Vioxx After Studies Indicated Risk. U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform
4/27/05 Influence of patients' requests for direct-to-consumer advertised antidepressants: a randomized controlled trial. JAMA
3/05 Attitudes and Behaviors of Psychiatry Residents Toward Pharmaceutical Representatives Before and After an Educational Intervention. Academic Psychiatry

1/01/05 Direct to Consumer Advertising. BMJ
Jan/Feb 05 The Company We Keep.Why physicians should refuse to see pharmaceutical
representatives. Annals of Family Med


11/06/04 Dealing in drugs. The Lancet.
11/04 Medical students' exposure to pharmaceutical marketing: A survey at one U.S. medical school.
Academic Medicine.
10/28/04 Doctors and Drug Companies. NEJM.
10/28/04 Financial conflicts of interest in physician relationships with pharmaceutical companies--self
regulation in the shadow of federal prosecution. NEJM.
10/12/04 Questions on the $3.8 Billion Drug Ad Business. NY Times.
5/04 What Residents Don't Know about Physician-Pharmaceutical Industry Interactions. Acad Med.
4/19/04 The ethics of pharmaceutical industry relationships with medical students. MJA.
4/17/04 Marketing in the lay media and prescriptions of terbinafine in primary care. BMJ.
4/04 Pharmaceutical advertising in emergency departments. Acad Emer Med.
2/04 Association between industry funding and pro-industry findings in randomized trials. CMAJ.
2/04 Will lower drug prices jeoparidize drug research? A policy fact sheet. AJOB.
1/04 Interactions between emergency medicine programs and the pharmaceutical industry. AEM.
1/04 Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors position on interactions between emergency
medicine residents and the pharmaceutcial industry. AEM.


12/20/03 HARLOT plc: an amalgamation of the world's two oldest professions. BMJ.
12/15/03 How the drug industry is branding itself with bioethics. Slate.
10/13/03 Are gifts from pharmaceutical companies ethically problematic? Arch Intern Med.
9/3/03 Cost and Quality of Industry-Sponsored Meals for Medical Residents. JAMA.
8/20/03 Association of Funding and Conclusions in Randomized Drug Trials. JAMA.
7/9/03 A Social Science Perspective on Gifts to Physicians From Industry. JAMA.
5/31/03 BMJ Theme Issue: No More Free Lunches.
4/28/03 Final Compliance Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. U.S. HHS Office of the
Inspector General.
2/27/03 Forum on Prescription Drug Promotion. Health Affairs.
1/22/03 Scope and Impact of Financial Conflicts of Interest in Biomedical Research. JAMA.
1/04/03 Accuracy of pharmaceutical advertisements in medical journals. The Lancet.


12/26/02 Drug makers battle plan to curb rewards for doctors
12/16/02 America's Other Drug Problem. The New Republic.
11/22/02 Madison Ave. plays growing role in drug research. New York Times.
11/17/02 The costly case of the purple pill. Boston Globe.
10/03/02 Draft OIG compliance program guidance for pharmaceutical Manufacturers. U.S. Dept. of HHS.
9/30/02 Drug industry is told to stop gifts to doctors. New York Times.
9/18/02 Pediatric book on breast-feeding stirs controversy. New York Times.
8/03/02 Association between competing interests and authors' conclusions. BMJ.
7/17/02 Profiting from Pain: Where Prescription Drug Dollars Go. Families USA.
5/28/02 Psychiatrists become drug firms' targets. Boston Globe
5/26/02 Industry Role in Medical Meeting Decried. Washington Post
5/15/02 Suit Says Company Promoted Drug in Exam Rooms. New York Times
March/April 2002   No Free Lunch.  Health Affairs. 
March/April 2002   A Matter Of Influence. Health Affairs. 
3/29/02   Prescription Drug Expenditures in 2001: Another Year of Escalating Costs. National Institute
for Health Care Management
3/10/02   Under the Influence. Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine
2/10/02   Bioethics on NBC's ER: The Agony and the Ecstasy of Free Lunch. Bioethics.net


11/20/01   Prescription Drugs and Mass Media Advertising, 2000. National Institute for Health Care
9/10/01   An Unhealthy Influence on Doctors. New York Times
8/30/01   AMA Blasted for Letting Drug Firms Pay for Educational Campaign. Washington Post.
( Link to AMA Guidelines website)
8/30/01   Ban Chases Drug Reps from Offices of IU Group. Indianapolis Star.
7/23/01   Rx R&D Myths: The Case Against The Drug Industry’s R&D "Scare Card". Public Citizen
July 2001   Off the Charts: Pay, Profits, and Spending by Drug Companies. Families USA.
6/20/01   Drug Makers' Virtual Schmooze. The Industry Standard.
6/20/01   Prescription for Profit. Washington Post.
6/18/01   Prescription for Conflict: AMA Accepts Funding from Drug Firms for Campaign. Modern Healthcare.
5/20/01   Drug Firms Woo Doctors with Perks. Boston Globe.
5/8/01   Spending on Prescription Drugs Increases by Almost 19 Percent. New York Times.
3/11/01   Claritin and Schering-Plough: A Prescription for Profit. New York Times.
2/19/01   Prescriptions:  How Your Doctor Makes the Choice. US News & World Report.
1/2/01   Drug Firms' Freebies Entice Doctors. The Globe and Mail.


11/16/00   High-Tech Stealth Being Used to Sway Doctor Prescriptions. New York Times.
11/15/00   Growing Opposition to Free Drug Samples. New York Times
10/16/00   More Clinics Ban Drug Samples, Citing Cost, Safety Concerns. American Medical News.
October 2000   Impossible Choices:  Food and Housing or Prescription Drugs? Fiscal Policy Institute.
9/20/00   Marketing Tied to Increase in Prescription Drug Sales. New York Times (Full National Institute
for Health Care Management report at http://www.nihcm.org)
9/19/00   Freebies to MDs Targeted as Drug Industry Starts Publicizing CME Fines. CMAJ.
8/27/00  What's Black and White and Sells Medicine? New York Times
7/25/00   Medical Education Services Supplies: A Threat to Physician Education. Public Citizen
7/23/00   How Companies Stall Generics and Keep Themselves Healthy. New York Times
6/22/00   The Pharmaceutical Industry: To Whom is it Accountable? New England Journal of Medicine
5/18/00   Is Academic Medicine for Sale?  New England Journal of Medicine
5/18/00  Uneasy Alliance -- Clinical Investigators and the Pharmaceutical Industry. New England Journal of Medicine.
May 2000   Drug Rush:  Why the Prescription Drug Market is Unsafe at High Speeds.  Washington Monthly.
4/23/00   Drug Companies Profit From Research Supported by Taxpayers. New York Times.
4/13/00   The Impact of Pipeline Drugs on Pharmaceutical Spending. HIAA.
April 2000   The Drug Industry’s Performance In Finishing Postmarketing Research (Phase IV) Studies.
Public Citizen.
April 2000   Prescription Drug Coverage, Spending, Utilization, and Prices. U.S. Department of Health &
Human Services
3/27/00   Drug Reps Targeting Nonphysicians. American Medical News.


11/10/99   Americans Pay More for Medicines. USA Today
11/9/99    Prescription Drug Pricing in the United States: Drug Companies Profit at the Expense of Older Americans. U.S. House of Representatives.
November 1999   Hard to Swallow: Rising Drug Prices for America's Seniors. Families USA
9/8/99   Professional Medical Associations:  Ethical and Practical Guidelines. JAMA
8/3/99  Public Citizen: Pfizer vs The CDC
1/11/99   Fever Pitch: Getting Doctors To Prescribe Is Big Business.  New York Times
Memoirs :  "I was a drug company employee"
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