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No Free Lunch-UK

No Grazie, Pago, Io (Italy)

Evidence Update (Russia)

Association for Independent Medical Education

Promotes the expansion of non-industry funded medical education.

Ban the Bags!

A national campaign to stop formula company marketing in maternity hospitals. This isn't just prescription drugs we're talking about--this is mother's milk!

Center for Medical Consumers

Committed to broadening the publics awareness about the quality problems that pervade the American health care system.

Drug Promotion Data Base (WHO/NGO)

A database developed by Joel Lexchin containing everything ever written about pharmaceutical promotion.

Health Action International

Working for better controls on drug promotion and more rational use of medication.

Healthy Skepticism

Defending health care from misleading and harmful marketing.

Gezonde Scepsis

An initiative of DGV, the Dutch Institute for the Proper Use of Medicine.

Integrity in Science

A database posted by The Center for Science in the Public Interest of scientists who consult for or have other affiliations with chemical, gas, oil, food, drug, and other companies. 

National Physicians Alliance

Founded to restore physicians' primary emphasis on the core values of the profession: service, integrity, and advocacy Works to ensure equitable, affordable, high quality health care for all people.

The Prescription Project

Seeks to eliminate conflicts of interest created by industry marketing by promoting policy change among academic medical centers, professional medical societies and public and private payers.

Public Citizen's Health Research Group

Fighting for citizen and consumer justice since 1971, HRG promotes research-based changes in health care as well as providing advice and oversight regarding drugs, healthcare delivery and medical devices.

Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP)

Advocating for a universal, comprehensive single-payer national health care program in the U.S.


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